Helping with therapy...wellbeing...and new training programme to help you back into work!

It's been a chocker of a week ladies and gentlemen. I was at Seddon ward, Elyn Lodge, which is at St Helens hospital,  on Monday. I work with patients and therapists making crafting part of their therapy needs. The therapy is so much easier to do when patients have something preactical to do...they don't even realise they're doing it 😀 It's so rewarding it does me the world of good too. 

They are having a summer fair on the afternoon of 25th July, at the hospital, and the patients have been making things to sell there. I'll be updating you on their progress.

On Thursday I have a full  wellbeing group at the studio. No topic is! They are such a lovely bunch of people. And so talented too!  They just love to help each other out and they're so generous to each other and to me. One of its members said to me, "We can't wait for Thursdays, so we can come to the class...we say to each it not Thursday yet!?!"  You can't get a better compliment than that. 

We will also be working with an ESF funded project, called Ways to Work, and taking on referred clients. The project is to help people back in to work. 

We have designed an innovative 18 week programme, using craft projects and wellbeing techniques! Students will develop their group working and communication skills. They will learn about production and quality, marketing, presentation skills, team working, project planning, and customer service. 

It begins with a ten week wellbeing programme, where students will be taught specific craft skills, as well as confidence building, social skills and learning to work in a group.

Then they will progress on to production, where they can either produce a line of homewares or refurbish furniture. They will then work as a team, with out Artists and volunteers, to plan and deliver sales events.  Learning to market and organise the project themselves.

It's such an exciting project. Our open day is on the 12th July. Not long off at all.  Eek! Residents of St. Helens, who are wish to find a way back into work after a lengthy absence, for whatever reason can get more information from the Ways to Work project. 

Our little business has outgrown my little studio, so we will be moving soon to much bigger premises. I will of course be updating you on what's happening as soon as I can!  

#arttherapy #wellneing #crafting #unemployed #training

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