Just a card...a matter of survival

The Secret Garden Studio is supporting the ‘just a card’ campaign. It's a simple idea that has big dream of making a huge difference in the lives of independent designers, artists, makers, galleries and studios across the uk.

The idea is to make the just a card logo a instantaneous and recognisable symbol to the UK public. A reminder to people that just a small purchase, such as just a card, means a hell of a lot to the smallest of small businesses and their struggle to remain on the high street. If everyone bought that metaphorical card…you are ensuring the continued existence of the retailer, the artists or maker that created it, and a more varied and vibrant high street.

As the founder of the campaign, Sarah Hamilton, Artist & Designer says on the campaign website_

"Often people don't realise that even a small sale really helps keep independent businesses in business. Since starting this campaign I've been absolutely inundated with messages from shop/gallery owners and artists/designer makers who say how vital our message is. The buying public said they were often embarrassed to make a small purchase as they felt it appeared mean. WHAT A SHAME!! You'd never say that about a big chain - so the little guys lose those vital pounds and our beautiful towns become more and more boringly uniform."

Although the campaign was founded with artists, designers, studios and galleries in mind, it perfectly compliments the 'Shop Local' campaigns that are being a promoted in thousands of towns across the UK. There is no reason why both campaigns cannot run side by side.

What we’re doing at the studio…

The studio will be displaying the logo in the shop, website, Facebook page and other social media accounts I use to market the studio. I will also drafting a small note to add to the official card, explaining the campaign and how the general public can help. I will be encouraging, both the note and the card will go into packaging purchases. I will be encouraging the makers and designers represented in the shop to sign up to the campaign and spread the word.

What the public can do...

Look out for the just a card logo when you’re out shopping, if you know of a studio, gallery, or shop that sells art and crafts then take ten minutes of your shopping trip to go and take a look. I guarantee you will find beautiful unique things made by people who ate passionate about what they do. No cheap imports! If the gallery/shop/studio is not displaying the logo then tell them about it. If you’re not sure what to tell them just tell them to google it.

As a maker, you can...

Sign up to the campaign tell everyone...add it to your website, mention it everywhere, put it in you e-newsletter, hand out cards at your craft fairs, display the logo on your stall, blog about it. Its your survival...and it only works if it becomes this instantly recognised thing. You can down load the poster, the logo and the cards from the campaign website

Local economic leader...influencer...supporter of local commerce and economic growth?

We need your help...according to the latest figures by the Craft Council, the Art, Design, Craft and Media Industry adds £3.4 bn to the UK economy. The growth in the industry 'has almost doubled in the last ten years'; that is not an amount to be sniffed at_and how many of the UK industries are actually growing? Add your voice to the campaign, help it grow, help us in the industry grow. It has the support of the Design Council and some big names in the industry already...The Design Council, Mollies Makes to name just a couple...

You can find out more details on the website...go on help us out TIA xx



#justacard #businesssupport #shopping

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