It's Friday! The best day of the week...except for Saturday 😂

It's been an eventful few weeks at the studio! Our wellbeing group is going great guns and we are starting up new ones too! 

Starting on 26th June.

It's prime craft fair season too, I like doing the little ones, although we will be attending some of the bigger ones in July and August. I do have a pet hate though...those walk away comments from people who say such things like, " can get ten of those for a quid in the pondshop...".  


If you want cheap, tacky,  mass produced don't go to craft fairs!  (To be fair though...I love the poundshop...), but they are what they are. If you want unique, lovingly-made items, made with time, skill and effort... then go to craft fairs. 

They are exceptional value for money, but that doesn't mean cheap. A colleague and I were working it out...on average  we rarely get higher than £3.00 per hour return on a make. That's half the minimum wage!  Unless you are a popular brand, or supplement your income with other things in your business it's hard to get  a decent return on your time and effort. We do it though...because we  love it!   

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