Lets get started! Welcome to the Secret Garden Studio

Good morning! Yes we have a website and yes we have a blog. If you've never seen us before, I just want to say 'Hi' and tell you a little about us. The Secret Garden Studio began as a means to get a little pin money for Christmas one year and has expanded to a high street shop, selling exclusively handmade gifts and homewares, from the best of 'local designers and artists, there is also my studio, from where I teach art and craft workshops and work on my own artwork and makes. We have been open for the grand total of five weeks today!

We are already going from strength to strength with over 12 local designers and artists being represented in the shop already and 17 different art and craft workshops to try! That not bad for 5 weeks (and very little sleep)!

I am always on the look out for talented makers and tutors. So if you 'make' yourself or create beautiful artwork and/or teach it, live in the Merseyside area, or know someone who does...then get in touh I would love to hear from you! We have Zero shelf rent so there is no outlay and a great rate of commission...and to hire our studio to teach its a measely %3 an hour and I even throw in the tea and coffee

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