An Invitation to All Things Woolly for World Knit Day 18th June

We are holding an Open Morning at the Studio, from 10am to 12:30pm on 18th June, to celebrate World Knit Day! We would love it if you could join us. It's totally free!!!

World knitting in public Day began in the US in 2005 and has become an Internationally recognised day for bringing people together through knitting! Knitting, like many other crafts is a solitary activity, but being alone is not always a good thing.

We are living in a world where we no longer know our neighbours, our social connections with people are through social media rather than a social gatherings. I know when my other half was working away, I could go for days without speaking to another human being (these are pre-studio days I might add), and it is definitely not healthy! So come and join us for a brew and a cupcake :-) and a natter!

We are taking a bit of a liberty with our event and making it 'all things woolly'! We are extremely excited to be co-hosting it with the brilliant Sally from 'I can craft', who will be sharing her amazing knitting and crocheting skills if your and absolute beginner, or want a few tips.

You can bring along your own knitting/crocheting, or you can use the materials provided, you can have a go at Wet-felting or needlefelting and it's open to both children and adults!

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