It's my birthday!

I am finally getting around to updating and reviewing the website and blog. Its my first birthday today, as a business and I have learned such a lot. It has not been easy and I can honestly say that its been a hard slog at times, with plenty of tears...But...there has been a lots of fun and laughter to. I'm pleased to say I did it, I made it through the first 12 months and things are looking up! I'm still a relative newcomer to business and I think the key elements are to be able to continuously move forward, being able to change the business plan to fit and letting go of what did not work, which is probably the hardest thing to do. Big life lessons strong and don't lose your identity amidst all the 'good advise' that comes your way, however well intentioned...! 

So what is coming up? I am preparing to move to much nicer and bigger premises in the near future. I have outgrown where I am and its wonderful to say I'm expanding! I'll be working closely with two brilliant and talented people on a seperate charitable project, from the same premises. Much more on that later. Bear with me while we go through this transition! 

I've been designing lots of beautiful things for the shop. I have also been designing lots of new art and craft workshops for the public course schedule.

I have been doing a great deal of external work as well. I am working with a local hospital in their trauma-rehabilitation unit, delivering craft workshops for patients. I am also delivering workshops for AgeUK and I'm really excited to be delivering a 12 month long art project with a men's group. The brief is to produce some artwork looking at Mental Health, the towns historic past and the towns identity. 

As well as the art & craft workshops, I've started to run three art and craft groups. One of them is My 'Artsy Craftsy Wellbeing drop in', which is a very informal group for people who suffer with mental health illnesses and for general wellbeing.

We also have the lovely Sally from 'I Can Craft' who is running out crochet and chatter/knit and natter group on a Monday morning! Which is going from strength to strength. 

On a personal level I will be going to University in September to finish my fine art degree and then go on to do a post grad course and realise my ambition to becoming a fully qualified Art Therapist. I will of course be fitting all of this in inbetween delivering workshops and creating things that I love.

(Once the website review has been completed I'll come back to this post and put links in to all the activities and further information)

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