The Cotton (and paper) Craft Club!

I just love doing craft club...we have just finished a lovely Spring wreath. Hessian wrapped, fabric flowers and lace.  They did really well and we had lots of laughs making the flowers using a burning technique.

The members usually come up with ideas on what they would like to do, such as the fabric flowers, and I come up with a project and provide the materials as well as the learning. I know I've said this before, but I am always totally blown away by what they come up with, each one is unique, even though everyone gets the same materials! I have two running at the studio at the minute, one on a Tuesday afternoon 1-3pm and another in a Wednesday evening 6:30-8:30pm. They're £7 per week and that includes all the materials. It's informal and very friendly, with plenty of tea and biscuits 🍪☕️😀 

Over the next couple of weeks we will be doing some beautiful paper crafting! Like this simply stunning (even if info say so myself!) kusudama flower hanging ball. It would look gorgeous on a door handle or hanging from a curtain rail (where I have mine).

Japanese Kusudama balls are traditionally made with real flowers and herbs, and are used to perfume a place in a similar way as we would use pot pourri. These origami versions take a little time and I've seen them used as an alternative Christmas bauble! 

There are so many things you can do without having to buy specialist materials and equipment. All you need is some coloured paper, a few beads, cotton yarn, glue, pencil, ruler and scissors...and lots of patience of course! 

If you would like to join our craft clubs just send me a message just so I can make sure I have enough materials...we would love to see you there! 

#papercraft #origami #crafting #kusudama

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